Friday, May 29, 2009

Annoyance for the day

When my father-in-law always says we leave lights on in the house everywhere (which we don't). First of all, you don't pay the damn bill. Second of all, I have 2 two year old boys as tall as fifth graders who like to turn lights on (and off). So, if you want to go around following them and turning them off be my guest. Don't fucking bitch about how many lights I have on in my damn house.

Why I can't wait to be thirty

I've said for the longest time that I can't wait to turn thirty. Everyone always looks at me funny, especially my husband. I say that, mainly because I feel like a kid still. I'm a mom of three, but a kid. The funniest part, is I am, and always have been, more mature for my age. I've dealt with a lot in my life, and I pretty much raised myself. I don't choose conflict when I could, and I always take the higher road. (I like to think I do anyway.) I like to have fun, don't get me wrong. Sometimes I act goofy, and sometimes I make bad choices. Overall I liek to think of myself as mature.

When I go to mommy-groups I'm always the youngest. I never connect with anyone, because who needs an older "daughter" when their looking for friends. It doesn't help that my budget bracket is extremely low, I'm not a home owner, and let's face it I'm under experienced. I can't wait to be thirty, and my kids are 6 & 7 so I cross over into the more experienced mom catagory. Even if I act like a kid at thirty I'll be an adult. Yeah you're legal at 18 or 21, but your not truly an "adult" until 30. Because through most of your 20's your in college, then you're settling down, and then just having babies. At 30 your graduated (typically lol), married, and your kids are 5+.

I don't know why, because I don't have any prior experience with kids, but always felt I was this beyond fabulous mother. I was confident is really all it was. Had no idea what I was doing, but I was confident that I did. And I did well. My babies made it. And 3 and 1 they are doing pretty good. However, I and a problem thinking I was a better parent than other people because I had so much confidence in what I was doing. I made my kids eat healthy food, I limited sugary drinks and fatty, empty calorie snacks, I taught them manners, and made them behave. They are well behaved, so whatever I did I did it right, but in all reality I had no idea what I was doing! I have no idea as to how to handle a 4 year old or 5 year old, a teenager, etc... I can't wait to be thirty to have that experience under my belt (not the teenager, that will be 40, but that's going overboard. LOL) So, that I won't be looked down upon as a kid. I can't wait to be thirty. Four more years to go. Oh and I also can't wait to be thirty because then my husband and I have made it 7 years, and that's huge.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My take on Jon & Kate

The internet is BUZZING with rumors, disgust, and just all around talk about the TLC "reality" show Jon & Kate Plus 8. (I don't feel like linking, if you want to know and don't just google it.)

Now let me put a disclaimer on this post: I do not know these people. I don't know what is "really" going on, whether it's real or staged or who is hurt and who is lying. This is all just my thoughts on all the drama.

First and foremost I hate to see any family divorce. It's hard on EVERYONE. The kids, the spouses, families, and in this case (fans?). However, divorce is common. It happened to my family, and it happens to a huge percent of families all over the world. It's not typically the end of the world. The kids will be confused and hurt, but as they grow up will understand. And quite possibly, they may come to resent mom or dad for however or whatever happened (meaning if it was because they decided to "sign their life away" to TLC). That will be their issue though (Jon & Kate's not the kids), and only they will know. Because, honestly I don't think anyone really knows except them and possibly TLC, right? Jodie (sister) and Julie (sister in law or something like that) can say whatever they want, but who's to say what they are saying is real? Why should we believe them anymore than Kate (or Jon)? Why, because why lie about the bad truth?! Maybe because they are pissed Kate wouldn't let them make money off the show? Which people are also upset about. Because every rich person shares their wealth with their family, right? Pfft right.

My take on Jon & Kate: Everyone, that I have discussed this with, is quick to take Jon's side. Kate is a bitch (we all have seen it, have you seen me after a long day dealing with 3 kids and a husband that isn't helping as much as I think he should be? I think I'd be an super bitch with 8!), she only cares about the money ($60k-80k an episode wouldn't make you care?), and is a horrible person for putting her kids through this and kicking all family out of their life. People are angry because she is focusing on her career (which in this case yes, happens to involve the entire family. However, I'm more talking about the stuff she does away from home like the book tour), and is leaving Jon at home with *gasp* ALL 8 kids! (Might I remind you they are now all 5 and up.) How come no one thought it sucked that Jon worked so much and she was at home with them all day everyday when they were babies, toddlers, and preschoolers?! Have you raised multiples or siblings?! Do you know how hard it is? How frustrating it is to be stuck at home, and never get away? I don't care if TLC was paying for every vacation or remodel. If you are always with these little kids, as much as you love them, it wears you out. And she did it for four years. He's done it for 6-8 months and already is calling out divorce (or drunken nights with college girls!?). Has anyone stopped to think about this?

Now, I'm not saying she is making good choices, but I am saying cut her some slack. The income they make from TLC is what provides for them, is what makes their life EASY. However, if it came down to the money or my marriage well honey, you better believe I'd tell them to take it and shove it. BUT I'd wonder why my husband wasn't on board? Is it because he doesn't like being photographed with the college girls on the weekends, or because he worries about his kids? What really is the issue? He didn't seem to have a problem the first three (and half?) seasons when he got to leave every day and go to work. But now that he is stuck at home with the kids he's "not himself" and "might as well be in prison" WELCOME TO MY LIFE BABY DOLL! And every other stay-at-home parent out there. I just don't think people realize this.

What ever is going on, I just hope they think about their kids, because that is truly what is important. And at this point I don't think even ending the show would save their marriage. Like Kate says "Jon's upset we can't go back", and she's right he is, but instead of running and all that try to compromise and make adjustments. However, personally I think she is too into doing the show to give it up, and he has just had enough. I get that. I couldn't imagine trying to run from the paparazzi. It's like you can't get air, but he should have thought about that from day one, not season four (or five now)... why is he still on it then!?!?

And as far as the sisters go... well who the fuck knows about that. One writes about how awful it is for the kids, the other writes about how fake it is. I think they are just both pissed they don't get in on the dough from it (again why now at season four/five after they got kicked off!?! It wasn't bad for the kids when they were younger?). I think it's fake, and I'm sure there's scripting. Who wants to watch any family (especially of 10) watch TV or eat hot dogs? No, there's gotta be something interesting going on. I think Kate is selfish, but when you have a carrot in front of your face sometimes you lose sight of other things. I think Jon is just out of touch, and the responsibility of 8 kids has hit him. He was 23 when they had the 6... twenty three! At 22 and 26 my husband and I freaked out about having 2 at once. I'm a bitch to him when he "disappears" during events with the kids where I need him, and I nag and I bitch and I nag. The difference... my poor husband doesn't have any proof because we aren't on TV. Lastly, as far as rumors stating that Jodie isn't on the show because Kate didn't want her to make any money from it... again... people... come on. If that's the truth, well then that's Kate for ya. Remember this people will say ANYTHING to hurt ANYBODY. Especially family. We all know it.

Watch their show or don't watch their show. It doesn't matter, because somebody always will until they don't, and then it will die out. Why do you think we have 8 "____ of Love" shows on MTV? Because people like reality TV & drama. Networks will MILK it forever and at whatever cost. As I said before, I just hope Jon & Kate think about their kids. (I'm not saying I think them being put on TV is bad or child abuse, because I don't. There are a MILLION child actors/stars which also doesn't make it right, but I'm not here to start that all up. What I am saying is that I hope they make the right decision in their marriage, and that someone compromises, and they do what is best for the kids and partly themselves, because no one should live miserably.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Been gone a long time

I mean both from blogging, and just life itself. I feel like I'm disconnected. Things are looking better now. Husband was gone from sun up to sun down the last 3 weeks because of the store we're opening. I took the kids and we went to Tennessee to visit family for a full week. It was fun, exhausting, stressful, and more fun. The kids were worn out, and so was I when we got back. Finally feeling a little more adjusted. Hubs is working a more consistant (always gone) schedule, but at least I know when he'll be home. His partner and him are talking about hiring someone, but it doesn't mean he'll be home anymore. Just means he'll be able to do more for the store like order inventory, pr, set up website, and ebay store, etc... I'm adjusting to this life though. Thought of the twins starting preschool in August is keeping me sane also.

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids (duh), and I love that I get to raise them, and be home. However, give me a break... they don't like being stuck in this house (because it's 120 outside in MAY!) any more than I do. Also, I look forward to giving Kinsey the one on one time she likes, as I did with the boys when they were her age.

Still battling weight loss. Still depressed. Still waking up every day on a diet, and going to bed every night binging. One day, one step at a time. We'll see.

I'm just so unmotivated in life right now. It comes and goes in spurts. I hope this passes quickly. I'm not focusing on Scentsy at all, even though I have a home party this week. I'm not knitting anymore, and I miss it. All I do is watch the kids (and I mean watch), and eat. This isn't how I like my life. I can do better than this. My kids need me, and I need to get my head out of my ass... sorry.

In good news we got hubs bike all fixed up ($1100 later...) which means I get my SUV back. Even though I can't leave during the day (because I babysit Monday thru Friday) I feel better just knowing it's there. I'm not on 24/7 lock down. 5:00PM rolls around, and the kids and I can go to McDonald's play place, the mall, or whatever. Every Saturday, while the hubs works, the kids and I can go swimming, the park, etc... Even if we are broker than broke, and I'm not happy with myself, and the kids are bored, a little bit of that will be better when I get my car back. I'm also looking into buying an elliptical machine to use at home, or a cheap gym membership... I need exercise to feel better. I think it will help.

Just a little update in random world...