Friday, June 5, 2009

Frustration is

What must I do to make my husband pick up after himself? I should change my profile to say raising 4! (Except then I couldn't write under 3. LOL) I'm not going to be able to keep that under 3 up there much longer as the twins turn 3 in July. so maybe I'll change it after their birthday.

I gave all 3 kids a bath this morning. I always bring the kids up on my bed after for lotion, cleaning ears, and cutting nails. Then we kind of snuggle, hang out, and watch tv. So, Little Miss is on my bed, and I leave for a second, and come back to find what...??? Dear Husband had left his cereal cup on the headboard. Little Miss decided she'd take it and try to drink from the bigger-than-her-head cup. My newly bathed little girl is now covered from chin to knees in left over cereal milk. Her nice clean (cute) outfit is now in the wash. Excuse me while I go hose off my daughter now.