Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Mommy Ride

Got myself a mommy vehicle on Sunday. The Explorer basically has taken an indefinite leave of absence. We were trying so very hard to make it last until we could afford (another) new-ish vehicle, but it just wasn't having it. It overheated on Friday on my way to pick up the boys and it was either pull over to cool it down and be late to pick them up, or drive it hot. I drove it hot. Done. The car is done.

Sunday, the hubby and I went out van shopping. That's right bitches, VAN. I got me a hot little soccer-mom minivan, and I really actually love it. It's bright red with sleek black interior. It fits all my kids and they can hardly even touch each other. The big boy twins can sit all the way in the back and I can barely hear them (hallelujah!). Kinsey sits in one of the middle captain chairs so I can still reach her to buckle in and out, hand her sippies, or toys, but she isn't close enough to kick me in the back. It came equipped with a neat-o little "mommy mirror" too, so I can easily see all hands and feet! So, even if they try to (kick) reach each other I will catch them! Not a bad deal at all

Here she is in all her glory, Cherry!

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