Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You have everything I ever wanted

That's what my mom said to me when she left Easter weekend.

Really? You wanted to be $20,000 in debt before age 25? Have 3 kids all under 3 by age 25? Barely pay rent, own nothing, and never see your husband? Have no car, be stuck in the house 7 days a week? Live in a state where very little of your family lives? Be over weight, but get so depressed you don't do anything about it? Be served papers for the debt you owe. Have a vehicle repossessed because it hasn't been paid on in 2 years? Have your husband laid off, no job for 6 months, on welfare & government health care, and not a penny to your name? IS THIS REALLY EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED?

Because I think you had most of this most of your life, but gave it up. Aren't you lucky?

You think you want everything I have, because I don't focus on the bad. I try to fix it, not far yet, but am hopeful that I can eventually. Just made some crappy decisions at the start. I put on a happy face, and try to take care of my kids. I try not to whine, and though I don't always accomplish that I try.

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