Friday, February 27, 2009

Life in pictures

1. A photo of you in your room:

2. A photo of you w/someone you don't actually like:

I don't really not like this girl, she use to be my roommate in college. She's just kind of spoiled and selfish, but she never did anything to me.

3. A photo of you very drunk:

I might be a little drunk there.

And here.

4. A photo of you on your birthday or favorite holiday:

I don't take pictures on my birthday. Only one I could find, turning 24.

5. The youngest photo of you in digital form:

Not technically digital form, but scanned in. I was probably 5 or so? With my cousin Jullie.

And this is me in 2001, Senior Prom

6. Your favorite outfit:
I weigh 98328632478634lbs I don't have a favorite outfit. =P

But I LOVED this top when I had it. Once I had the twinsies it no longer felt the need to cover my ever extending belly bulge.

7. A photo of you making a goofy face at the camera:

I don't like to make funny faces. I hate looking stupid. =P

8. A photo you miiiiiiiiiiiiight have edited to make yourself more attractive:

I didn't edit this, I naturally look like that. Cool, yes? (I didn't edit it to look more attractive, I did it to make some artsy icon with it.)

9. A photo you might regret:

Umm hello!? Who is that ugly MAN in my shower holding my baby? WTF? LOL worst picture of me EVER. In the other pictures I had my head turned the other way which is how I wanted it, however I turn my head toward Kin for a second and hubs took a shot. F**ker. =P It will be deleted soon.

10. A photo of you truly being yourself:

That's me, big mouth.

11. The most recent photo of you:

Me, Dad, Kinsey at her birthday party last Saturday.

12. A photo of you being absolutely ridiculous:
What?! Me? I'm never ridiculous.

This was slightly ridiculous.

13. A photo of you showing off a new hair cut/color:
See above? J/K it was a wig, duh.


& Before That:

14. A photo of a time in your life that is over that you wish wasn't:

Just moments after we decided to move in together. I just wish sometimes we had more time to just be us. I think a lot of our issues stem from rushing into having kids so soon, and having too much responsibility and not enough fun together. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but I do think it takes a big role in our life.

15. A photo of a time in your life that's over & you couldn't be more thankful that it is:

I adore the guy I'm laying with (was just a friend) but I was severely screwed up in this time in my life. I'm very glad it's over, though I do miss some of the people I lost that I once knew during this time.
(Oh and ignore the text, that was my girlfriends website back in the day.)

16. A photo of you when you were anything but happy:

I was soooo frustrated here.

17. A photo you had no idea that was being taken:

Had no idea. I'm in the red, and drunk, playing flip cup.

18. A photo of you taken when you were a different person:

I was young, single (well except for the occasional booty call with my on again off again BF), kid-less, going to college, drinking a lot, and living with my BFF. DIFFERENT person completely.

19. A photo of you w/someone you love: Piece of cake...

These are the people I love most in my life. My family. We look kind of "church-y" here... lol.

This was fun going through all my old photos. Embarrassing also. My husband got the privilege of seeing some photos he'd never seen of me before. I may have liked to keep it that way, but now at least I feel as if all my secrets are out. I have nothing to hide.

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