Friday, March 13, 2009

This always brightens my day

I got a better (still crappy camera phone) video of my youngest walking:

She's all kinds of fire. I now am a mother to 3 awesome toddlers/preschoolers. I no longer have an infant. I am both sad and over joyed. My kids are amazing.


  1. Aww! Very cute! Kids grow up fast! Enjoy every minute of it! I see that you have 3 kids under three! How do you do it? My older sister had 4 kids under 3! (last pregnancy resulted in twins!)You guys deserve an award!

  2. 4 under 3!? Oh my!! It's not as hard as you think. The hardest thing we go through is not having a big enough vehicle or enough space in the house, but that's small stuff. They are a joy!